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Rania Xefteri founded her own eponymous label R by Rania Xefteri led from her passion to
express herself through creation.

She always perceived jewelry as the definitive finishing
touch to any appearance, so starting to making her own pieces only came naturally. Her
degrees in interior design and academic museum administration acted as the means to feed
her eye and soul with multiple influences, everything considering art in any form, either
classic or contemporary.

Seeking timelessness in every collection, she translates artistic references into innovative
designs that are clean-cut yet intense, refined yet sharp. Whether it is a historic reference
from the glorious days of Ancient Greece, a widely-known global symbol such as the heart,
the cross and the eye, or a geometrically-conceived abstract structure, everything is
interpreted through her personal aesthetic and is ready to trigger the emotion of the

Rania loves to create jewelry for men and women, as she believes that jewels can adorn both a man’s
and a woman’s body, something obvious when taking a closer look at the dynamic lines,
simple shapes and sophisticated embellishments of her designs. Addressing to both men
and women, R by Rania Xefteri jewels are crafted exclusively in Greece from qualified fine
materials such as sterling silver 925, gold-plated 18K, black plated and pure gold.

Balancing between rock luxury and minimal classicism, the brand’s selections speak through
their elegant boldness.

Walk in her creative path, reveal your inner dynamism, give now the value of forever.



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